Provost Events, LLC is a planning and design firm that creates remarkable events. We are based in New York City. We are however willing to travel with you to capture the full essence of youevents. Every event we are involved in we take a Holistic approach. Events have souls we approach it as blank canvas and infuse the details we garner from our clients and bring it to life. This allows us to plan, design and execute your event thus elevating it upon a pedestal. Our mission at Provost event is to create a beautiful event from first thought to the final touch! Making every level of service matchless. Provost Events, LLC design team will focus on you, leaving no element to chance. The attention to detail is sure to reflect each client’s personal style and taste.

about us

meet brenda J provost

Brenda J. Provost is an event planning genius. As the CEO and Chief Hospitality expert at & quot;Provost Events", Brenda has carved out her own techniques, that bring a light and energy to every room she steps into. Brenda brings more than just planning and designing, she breathes life into her events, and prides herself on having a true desire to create a memorable experience for everyone in the room.

Brenda is not a newcomer to the industry. She comes to the table with more than ten years of event planning, budgeting, timeline development and vendor relations. Her clients are able to drop their ideas on her desk and watch them formulate into the social event of their dreams. She has a strong sense of family values, which sets the foundation for her to create the mood, for events such as; weddings and reception, family reunions, graduation celebrations and baby showers.

Brenda is no stranger to corporate events. Provost has used her holistic project management skills to create;
conference spaces, company holiday gatherings and retirements celebrations. Her holistic methods include planning from A-Z; decor and floral arrangement, menu development, and as an added bonus, she is a food service professional.

Brenda avails herself to audiences that can benefit from her vast expertise as a master, creative, driven event planner - which she delivers with an uplifting and motivational flare.

Activities - Baking & Cooking                  
                   Producing Events  
Beverage – Fiji Water
Book - Bible                                       
Color - Orange                   
Food - Good
People - Eva Sky & Cory Blue

Event & Meeting Fundamentals
Wedding & Event Design
Certified Event Decorator
Restaurant Operations

Bachelor of Technology
           Hospitality Management
CUNY New York City College of Technology
Brooklyn, NY

"I am a creative force!"